Due to the use of the EPDM foam more extensive, so use on different products, can choose EPDM foaming custom, so in choosing a EPDM foaming custom what matters needi……
EPDM foaming is a kind of foaming material, which can be used to make foaming products with EPDM foaming, which can be applied to the corresponding industry. So what……
Sound-absorbing cotton is different from sound-absorbing cotton:The absorbent cotton is mostly made of fiber, with a porous structure, which is quite fluffy. Its mai……
Chemical sponge: polyurethane soft foam rubber, polyurethane is the most common polymer material in life, widely used in the production of various "sponge"……
1. The monomer of synthetic PU is toxic chemical substance, while PU is polymerized product, and the mature sponge product is non-toxic!2. Some PU products, due to l……
Masking tape is on the copper foil, aluminum foil, or conductive cloth in the composition of the conductive adhesive tape, its role is to two pieces of different con……
Remanufacturing is the automobile parts, engineering machinery, machine tools and other mechanical and electrical products using high-tech professional repair or upg……
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